Bloch Serenade TMT

Regular price ₱4,800.00

The Serenade pointe shoe has extra support controlling the foot laterally as well as offering a narrow, snug fit

The Serenade pointe shoe shank/insole gives support under the metatarsal which assists in holding the foot back in the shoe. The oblong shaped platform with less height in the box helps give lateral support when 'en pointe'. This platform shape can help support a dancer inclined to sickle or fall off pointe sideways.

Narrow heel shape - Hugs the heel and reduces creasing
Oblong platform - Lateral support 'en pointe'
Shank/insole - Provides support for the foot 'en pointe'
Standard 'A' paste - Has resilience and is less affected by climatic conditions such as heat and humidity


Four improvements from the original "Serenade"

  • Streamlined satin upper, sides of the satin upper have been lowered to reveal more of the dancers foot enhancing aesthetic, providing a more modern, streamlined look as well as reducing bunching of satin when on pointe.
  • New generation insole is virtually unbreakable creating harder wearing, longer life, better value for money, lighter, moulds quicker to the sole of a dancers arch giving greater support when on pointe. Also forces the shoe to sit flatter on stage reducing rocking and enhancing stability.
  • Longer wing puff: reduces creasing and bunching of satin when on pointe.
  • Additional padding under pleating makes these shoes quieter by cushions impact on stage reducing noise.